The first-ever HSBC Open Lab Innovation Challenge was held on 12th June 2019. We were glad to be shortlisted to join the challenge. The founder of SolutionX, Chew, partner with Alan Yeong and Kenny Wong on the HSBC Innovation Challenge 2019. We came from different backgrounds, teaming up to use our commercial understanding in a corporate and project environment to deliver one goal: re-design banking services to be simpler, better, faster and safer.

Team Background

Kenny Wong is a C#, VB Developer. He ventured into F&B and renovation business development. He had traveled to more than 25 countries and he is currently working as a project coordinator.

Alan Yeong is an application and web developer. He has more than 10 years of IT experience in UI/UX, SEO, and social media optimization. He did enhance an e-commerce website to achieve more than 10 millions online sales revenue annually.

Chew Kok Hoor was a tech lead in SMS to credit card payment channel and a prepaid top-up payment channel for a bank. He founded SolutionX Software Sdn Bhd, a company providing IT solutions.

Apprentice Talent Partner

Eden Foo Pow Wen is a senior programmer. Our team will not be complete without the mention of Eden. He has spent many hours on unit testing, as well as provide many features suggestion and feedback that made the app more user-friendly.

He is an experienced senior programmer with over 7 years of experience. He also has vast experience in developing and maintaining an Employee Benefits solution for SolutionX.

We value Eden’s contribution very much and honored him as one of our apprentice talent partner. Thanks, Eden!


We were proud that we did a fantastic job and also received a special honorable mention as being very close to the final winners. We were in the top 6.

Judging Panel

The judging panel was made up of Johnny Mayo, Kashminder Singh, Stephen Cheshire, Albert Lim, Supratim Pandey.

Johnny Mayo – Malaysia GM at SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator
Johnny is an avid technologist and recognized in Forbes Asia’s first 30 Under 30 list in Finance & VC, he has played a leading role in developing the FinTech agenda across the region; educating numerous organisations, regional banks, national regulators, and government departments on how they can understand and adopt blockchain technologies and new FinTech initiatives. Johnny was previously a co-founder of, Malaysia’s first blockchain company, and the first Malaysian-based startup to be accepted into the 500 Startups Accelerator in Silicon Valley

Kashminder Singh – Co.founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ pitchIN, Malaysia’s leading equity and reward crowdfunding platform.
He is also the co-founder of WatchTower and Friends, a tech startups accelerator that invests in startups and helps entrepreneurs build their ventures.
A life-long entrepreneur, Kash was previously the founder and Managing Editor of MOBILE WORLD, a leading tech publication that ran for 11 years. He also co-created GoMobile, a groundbreaking event that incorporated a large consumer expo, conference and an awards night.

Stephen Cheshire – ASP, Senior Innovation Manager at HSBC.

He has 20+ year career focused on solving complex business problems by bringing together a thorough understanding of user needs and behaviors with appropriate emerging technologies.  Prior to his current role, he was Director of Digital services, South East Asia with PwC.
His work has taken him around the globe (including Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, and Australia) and includes experience in financial services, retail, education, transport, government, telecommunications and the not-for-profit sectors. He has presented at numerous conferences in Australia and Singapore, including a Keynote at The Singapore Retail Industry Conference and INSEAD’s Annual Emerging Markets Conference, and lectured at Hong Kong University.

Albert Lim – Chief Information officer, HSBC Malaysia.

Albert has 20+ years of experience in Information Technology in the finance industry. He has been Head of Technology delivery with banks in roles at global, regional and country level. He has a deep understanding of the retail banking technology stack and is spearheading initiatives to digitize the bank.

Supratim Pandey  Head of Assets, customer proposition, customer experience and analytics at HSBC, Malaysia.

He has 20+years of retail banking experience and has worked in the country retail banking business in Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, and India. He has hands-on experience in running a retail banking business and has implemented numerous digital banking initiatives in retail banking.




Problem Statement

Imagine you were about to travel through South East Asia. What is the best way to handle multiple foreign currencies during your travel? Imagine the risk you take while traveling with a huge amount of cash. A credit card may incur fraud as well as high foreign currency conversion cost, which is at the rate when a purchase is made. There is a need to empower consumers to choose when they want to exchange to get their preferred rates and to safe-keep their money without resorting to keeping too much cash. Lastly, the younger generation needs to be equipped with tools to help them with financial planning.


HiBank, an app to complement the existing banking process and proposition. One app, one card, one platform with HSBC products built right into it, such as live multi-currencies account,  send and request payment, and saving account with better security. App users are empowered to decide the best rate they would like to exchange their currencies and analyze their spending.


How will it solve the problem?

New technologies have triggered a structural shift in the banking sector.
This will be applicable to all business travelers, expats and international students while traveling to other foreign countries. It can be a way to save cost while traveling or using it as their daily spending card.
We are aiming for millennials with a growing population that is underserved.


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